Gapplegate Music review by Greco Edwards

CF 155Zé Eduardo Unit – A Jazzar – Live in Capuchos (CF 155)
Ze Eduardo has been a central figure on the Portuguese Jazz scene since the ‘70s. He plies a strong acoustic bass and plays a leading role in his current trio. There’s a new recording on Clean Feed, “Ze Eduardo Unit Live in Capuchos.” Here Mr. Eduardo is joined by tenor saxophonist Jesus Santandreu and drummer Bruno Pedreso for a lively set. Once they clear out the cobwebs and get into some dynamic grooves, it becomes obvious that they are well attuned to one another and can work within various self-imposed parameters to create solid Post-Bop-Freebop Jazz with alternating density and spareness. When they get into a forward moving routine, they sound much fuller than the trio setting would suggest. That is in great part due to the rhythm team’s strongly felicitous interactions. Eduardo has strength of purpose and Pedroso builds upon that in ways that get the musical juices flowing.

Jesus Santandreau plays the soloist role with equal strength. He firmly entrenches himself in lithely moving idiomatic Post-Bop phrasing without quoting other players. He quotes himself. It seems to me that this would be a good starting CD for someone who wishes to explore what’s going on in Portugal. It’s quite engaging, once they get warmed up. And the group groove is hard to resist.

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