Gapplegate Music review by Grego Edwards

CF 145Avram Fefer – Ritual (CF 145)
Not everybody has heard, or even heard of Avram Fefer. That is unfortunate. He plays tenor, alto, soprano sax and bass clarinet. He is especially known for his tenor work. He has had some remarkable associations in recent years, notably with piano veteran Bobby Few and as a member of Michael Bisio’s group.

There’s a new one of Avram in a trio context (with Eric Revis on bass, Chad Taylor, drums), namely Ritual (Clean Feed). It’s an excellent example of why he’s one of the forces of good out there on the reeds. We have Fefer where he perhaps likes most to be, playing his own pieces freely in a small group context. His colleagues give him great support and contribute appreciably to the group sound and dynamic. Mr. Bisio, though, is the man of the hour. He plays vividly conceived improvisations all through the set, constructing lines that alternately blaze, charm, cajole, and create compelling worlds of structured sound.

This is great new jazz. What else is there to say?

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