Instant Jazz Best of 2010 List

The Best of 2010
Well, perhaps not the BEST of 2010, but these twenty records are among our recent favorites, have been in heavy rotation for quite a while. Here goes, in random order:

* ELLERY ESKELIN & GERRY HEMINGWAY – Inbetween Spaces (Auricle Records) Two masters of their respective instruments exploring possibilities.

* CLARE COOPER – Hammeriver (Mikroton)
Very strong debut by harpist Cooper, dedicated to Alice Coltrane.

* THE VANDERMARK 5 SPECIAL EDITION – The Horse Jumps And The Ship Is Gone (NotTwo) Expanded Chicago stalwart stretches out and confirms its stature as one of the best bands around.

* IRENE SCHWEIZER TRIO & DEWAN MOTIHAR TRIO – Jazz Meets India (MPS) A real discovery, this 1967 recording. World jazz before it existed!

* HENRY THREADGILL ZOOID – This Brings Us To, Volume II (Pi Recordings) Another highlight by one of the most interesting bands Threadgill has ever led. Cutting edge, innovative, endlessly fascinating.

* ANGLES – Epileptical West – Live In Coimbra (Clean Feed)
Passionate & political, energetic & beautfiul. This album is many things, but above all a fantastic live recording.

* CHRIS LIGHTCAP’S BIGMOUTH – Deluxe (Clean Feed) Stellar line-up (Cleaver, Taborn, Speed, Malaby, D’Angelo, Lightcap), stellar record.

* JOSHUA ABRAMS – Natural Information (Eremite) LP only release by one of the most interesting bass players/composers of the moment.

* STEPHEN HAYNES – Parrhesia (Engine Records)
Freely improvised, elegant & very creative. With Joe Morris & Warren Smith.

* MIKE PRIDE’S FROM BACTERIA TO BOYS – Betweenwhile (AUM Fidelity) Impressive quartet, led by drumming maverick Mike Pride, who displays a surprisingly subtle grasp of jazz history.

* DAVID S. WARE – Onecept (AUM Fidelity) Still going strong – a perfect accompaniment to the earlier solo album.

* ADAM LANE’S FULL THROTTLE ORCHESTRA – Ashcan Rantings (Clean Feed) Double album by one of the leading bass players of today, surrounded by a wonderful band. Strong compositions, colorful playing.

* HARRIS EISENSTADT – Woodblock Prints (NoBusiness)
One of this year’s surprises. Jazz meets chamber music. Beautiful!

* UNDIVIDED – The Passion (Multikuli)
Winner of the ‘Happy New Ears Award’. Fascinating genrebending!

* DAWN OF MIDI – First (Accretions)
Minimal and beautiful. A trio to watch out for.

*CATHERINE CHRISTER HENNIX – The Electric Harpsichord (Die Schachtel) Received a race review in the Wire, and it was justied. Unique music and exquisite packaging.

* FREE JAZZ QUARTET – Memories For The Future (Matchless)
1992 recording by a legendary Birtish Quartet w/ Paul Rutherford.

* BRETRAM TURETZKY, GEORGE LEWIS & VINNIE GOLIA – Triangulation II (Kadima) Largely ignored, but subtle and very nice meeting of three likeminded spirits.

* JASON STEIN’S LOCKSMITH ISIDORE – Three Kinds Of Happiness (NotTwo) Bass clarinet master forging the old & the new, with Jason Roebke & Mike Pride.

* JOHN BUTCHER & CLAUDIA ULLA BINDER – Under The Roof (Nuscope) Saxophone & piano, but not as you know them. A remarkable & unique way of making music on display.

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