Jazz and Blues review by Tim Niland

Tony Malaby’s Apparitions – Voladores (CF 165)
With many albums and side-man appearances over the past few years, saxophonist and composer Tony Malaby has become one of the busiest and most interesting musicians on the contemporary jazz scene. He’s also developed a relationship with the adventurous Portuguese label Clean Feed, which is the perfect home of a musician who’s horizons are ever expanding. On this album, he is joined by Drew Gress on bass, Tom Rainey on drums and John Hollenbeck on percussion. Highlights of the album include the very exciting “Old Smokey” which develops into a frenetic and engrossing improvisation. Texture is very important to this group and they explore a wide range of musical colors and feelings. On “Dreamy Drunk” they move a weaving and lurching melodic statement to a coherent and at times belligerent improvisation. “Sour Diesel” also develops a momentum that is unstoppable. This was an exciting album that has wide ranging vision and explores a lot of interesting musical territory.

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