Jazz Prospecting review by Tom Hull

Parker/Guy/Lytton + Peter Evans: Scenes in the House of Music (CF 196)
Pretty self-explanatory just given the lineup; recorded live at Casa da Música — presumably the concert hall in Porto, Portugal. Cover lists artists as “Parker/Guy/Lytton + Peter Evans” but I thought I should spell that out even though it seemed obvious. Not sure how far the trio goes back — latest Penguin Guide starts with a 1993 trio, but also lists a Parker-Lytton duo from 1972, and Parker played on Guy’s London Jazz Composers Orchestra in 1972. Too much applause on the record, not unwarranted. Parker mostly plays tenor here, but gives the soprano some credit, and works in a little circular breathing. Evans’ trumpet is secondary but added splash. He seems to be the serious one in Mostly Other People Do the Killing, with his solo albums and courting of giants of the European avant-garde. B+(***)

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