Jazztime best of 2012 list by Werner Barth

CF 265
Steve Lehman Trio: Dialect Fluorescent (PI-Recordings)
Ravi Coltrane: Spirit Fiction (Blue Note)
Dell-Westgaard-Lillinger feat. John Tchicai: Idem (JW)
Christian Lillinger’s Grund: Second Reason (Clean Feed)
Fly: Year of the Snake (ECM)
Tom Rainey Trio: Camino Cielo Echo (Intakt)
Nabatov-Wogram-Rainey: NAWORA (Leo Records)
Marco von Orelli: Close Ties On Hidden Lanes (HAT)
Rolf & Joachim Kühn Quartett: Lifeline (Impulse)
Gilbert Isbin & Scott Walton: Re Call (pfMentum)


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