Marlbank | Luís Vicente 4tet – House in the Valley

The squalling Albert Ayler-like sound and fury of saxophonist John Dikeman operates like a molotov cocktail. Equally explosive is his front line partner trumpeter Luís Vicente and the two are very ably supported by the Irreversible Entanglements avant bassist Luke Stewart and drummer Onno Goevart recording in a Caldas da Rainha church in Portugal two summers ago. When Stewart solos Olie Brice fans will feel right at home. Think the mood of Atlantic period Ornette Coleman for its elemental rawness and heartfelt themes peppered by an insistent ripple of emotion and strong pulsar direction. A period listen in a way without trying to be nevertheless there’s a lot to like here and Vicente whose sound makes me think of the late Dennis González is a compelling presence. SG


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