Marlbank | MOVE – The City

By Stephen

Deliriously thrilling stuff here from a Desterro club Lisbon recording dating to last June. We are immediately transported into the zone of The Thing however long away from even a sniff of that tasty sonic smörgåsbord. Not for the more timid type of nag happy to graze exclusively on dinner jazz this wild Portuguese trio is led by bass guitarist Felipe Zenicola and features the blistering very Albert Ayler-esque saxist Yedo Gibson and the Paal Nilssen-Love of the kit drummer João Valinho who like a giant whale surfacing and snorting dives down to incredible rumbling depths as he thrashes around the ocean of sound that he and the other intrepid maties develop. A fiery brew. Yes it’s all been done before but by no means enough. Surely we are all grown-up enough to embrace all this fabulous ingeniously fashioned racket now? Music to make anarchy to. More peach brandy over the cereal for breakfast than a taste of honey. But not in the full Travis Bickle sense (er, mercifully) as this is sane if highly addictive free-improv to catch a big chunk of pronto, fellow donkey jacket wearer, itching for all about Al and The Thing itself having enjoyed the recent Holy Ghost tome and now this hearty grog. A pick of the tracks is easily the punky mayhem broiled from as if an invisible scalding hot source on ‘Sand Foundation.’ Early days for this debuting band but what a start and an avant highlight this week.


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