Message from Dennis Gonzalez about Alvin Fielder’s health condition

Alvin Fielder is very ill…

My long-time playing partner and drumming legend, Alvin Fielder, who lives in Jackson, Mississippi, is suffering from acute heart problems, and has been bedridden for a month and a half or so. He was scheduled to play Vision Fest last June with Kidd Jordan and declined due to failing health.

He is too weak to undergo the necessary open-heart surgery, but hopefully he will regain his strength soon…we need him back playing again.

Alvin turned 73 in November of this past year and is known for his excellent drumming with the Roscoe Mitchell Quartet (just before it became the Art Ensemble and they all left for Paris without him), Braxton, John Cage, Sun Ra, Leroy Jenkins, and thousand of other musicians.

Send up your prayers and meditations for his return to health, please!


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