Multikulti Project – Almeida | Duynhoven | Klein – Vibrate in Sympathy

By Marek Zajac

Vibrate in Sympathy” is a record with moments of creative activity – but the ones that are the fruits of life. This music is fully thought out, still balancing between what is spontaneous, improvised, and what was the act of forming what the partners previously prepared. No question here of playing composition (not write), but the form, the structure has been previously recorded by musicians prepared discussed. It is not at the same time playing in the highest emotional registers – a formula in which each sound means something is needed; formula in which any element (sound) you can not get rid of and whose silence is an inherent part.
Such play – focused, thoughtful – is a testament to the extraordinary maturity. Because focus and energy is not just noise and fury. This phrase also played slowly and quietly, but taut and tense, like a breaking string. This is proof of maturity on playing improvisation. But again – it is also the music of jazz grows up and being a part of it, not a tangle of random encounters sounds, and emerging ad hoc harmony. It is thought the formula, which is a component of harmony, rhythm, but her right, centered and pastel melody.
Excellent album.

Editor’s info:
You could say that “Vibrate in Sympathy” is one more item in the present focus on acoustic improvisation. Or you could say this is one more example of the particular jazz brand you find in the Dutch scene. Both judgments are not really true. The musicians involved have their own individual personalities and they don’t represent any organized tendencies. Two of them, saxophonist and clarinetist Tobias Klein and double bassist Gonçalo Almeida, may live in Holland but they weren’t born there – the first is German, the other Portuguese. Besides that, Klein had a past dedication to live-electronics and composes chamber music, and Almeida leads or co-leads electric bands and goes often into rock territory. These factors contribute to the rather different, and even special, approach here documented, confirming the definition provided by this trio «inspired by all kinds of adventurous music of the last 50 years». But the connection with the acoustic tradition, and with the “Dutch way”, is there and it’s solid: drummer Martin Duynhoven was a pioneer of this soundworld and, as such, is a living reference of everything happening in the country. His partners here can go very far, but it’s him who keeps their feet on the ground. That’s what you’ll find here: dreamy music with a sense of gravity. The best kind…


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