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Keefe Jackson Quartet – Seeing You See (CF 176)
Wide open and blustery jazz that struts across this ten track disc featuring Keefe Jackson on tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, Jeb Bishop on trombone, Jason Roebke on bass and Nori Tanaka on drums. “Maker” opens the disc at a medium tempo with the horns improvising together before Jackson breaks out and develops a tenor solo with hints of Albert Ayler before giving way to brash and confident trombone. Bishop takes center stage on “If You Were” playing raw and and fast with slurred accents. Elastic bass and drums make for a wide canvas for the horn players to use to their advantage. Fast, sputtering trombone and a storming free jazz saxophone solo anchor the exciting “Word Made Fresh.” Uptempo and fiery, “Eff-Time” features the band at their strongest, pushing the music to a fast, raw and electric conclusion. The musicians take the music on a more abstract journey on the tracks “Sense Then” and “Close” as the music stakes out open territory opening and building to slow soundscapes, using minimalist and spare playing, building a Zen like feel. “How-a-Low” has Jackson switching to bass clarinet and probing the slow and atmospheric end of the music, giving the music a spare and wide open feel accented by light trombone smears. This exciting and fresh album is a fine example of the creative jazz coming out of Chicago, and bodes well for the future of exploratory jazz in that city.

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