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Angles – Epileptical West: Live in Coimbra (CF 182)
Making improvised art that is personal and musical as well as political, the members of the group Angels, Johan Berthling on bass, Kjell Nordeson on drums, Magnus Broo on trumpet, Martin Kuchen on tenor saxophone, Mats Aleklint on trombone and Mattias Stahl on vibraphone, recorded this very exciting live album in Coimbra, Portugal, during the Jazz ao Centro festival. Mixing different types of music from around the world, particularly African influenced percussion and rhythm and open-ended jazz improvisation, the music is fast, free and continually exciting. Kunchen’s dark and caustic saxophone, which provides the raw and emotional core of the music, and Broo’s punchy and taught trumpet lines make for an ideal front line aided and abetted by the trombone accents of Alekint. Highlights of the album include “Every Woman Is A Tree,” which was the title performance of one of their earlier albums is a is a very impressive performance with strong and rollicking free jazz interplay that builds to a potent collective improvisation as all of the band members work toward a common goal. “Let’s Tear the Threads of Trust” pivots around a lengthy and melancholy bowed bass feature before the remainder of the band returns and the music builds to an emotional conclusion. Waves of sadness then the a stoic restatement of purpose end the album on a very positive note. This is an example of the global reach of jazz and another feather in the cap of Clean Feed’s excellent roster of music.

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