New Clean Feed releases for April 21st

CF 140 – Herculaneum “Herculaneum III“
Nick Broste – trombone
John Beard – guitar
Greg Danek – bass
Nate Lepine – flute
David McDonnell – alto saxophone and clarinet
Partick Newbery – trumpet and flugelhorn
Dylan Ryan – drums and vibraphone


CF 141 – Lucky 7’s “Pluto Junkyard“
Jeb Bishop – trombone (guitar on “The Dan Hang”)
Jeff Albert – trombone and bass trombone
Josh Berman – cornet
Keefe Jackson – tenor saxophone
Jason Adasiewicz – vibes
Matthew Golombisky – double bass (electric bass on “The Dan Hang”)
Quin Kirchner – drums


CF 143 – Transit “Quadrologues”
Jeff Arnal – percussion
Seth Misterka – alto saxophone
Reuben Radding – bass
Nate Wooley – trumpet


CF 144 – João Paulo / Dennis González “Scapegrace”
João Paulo – piano
Dennis González – Bb cornet and C trumpet


CF 145 – Avram Fefer / Eric Revis / Chad Taylor “Ritual”
Avram Fefer – alto, tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet
Eric Revis – double bass
Chad Taylor – drums

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