New Clean Feed releases for november 28th


CF 127 – Flatlands Collective “Maatjes” (with Jorrit Dijkstra, James Falzone, Jeb Bishop, Fred lomberg-Holm, Jason Roebke and Frank Rosaly)
CF 131 – Steve Adams “Surface Tension” (with Ken Filiano & Scott Amendola)
CF 132 – John O’Gallagher Trio “Dirty Hands” (with Masa Kamaguchi & Jeff Williams)
CF 133 – Darren Johnston “The Edge of the Forest” (with Ben Goldberg, Sheldon Brown, Devin Hoff, Smith Dobson V and Bob Reich)
CF 134 -DVD) 4 Corners “Alive in Lisbon” (with Ken vandermark, Adam Lane, Magnus Broo and Pall Nilssen-Love)

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