New York Times review by Ben Ratliff

Joe Fiedler Trio – The Crab (CF 092)
A jazz trio led by a trombonist equals hard work for the trombonist. That’s especially true when the group’s sound and strategies are up to date, such that everyone’s more or less soloing all the time. Joe Fiedler, a New York trombone player who is genuinely all over the map — you’re equally as likely to see him playing with salsa bands as in free-jazz festivals — has made an excellent new record, “The Crab” (Clean Feed), with the bassist John Hebert and the drummer Michael Sarin. Even with so much to play, Mr. Fiedler doesn’t flag. And yet you don’t get tired of his sound, which is big and gritty. You can hear salsa trombonists like Barry Rogers in his playing, as well as the jazz improvisers Albert Mangelsdorff and Roswell Rudd.

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