Paris Transatlantic review by Michael Rosenstein

Urs Leimgruber / Evan Parker – TWINE (CF 194)
Parker’s reed duo canon is small but includes memorable sessions with Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton, and Joe McPhee. Urs Leimgruber proves a worthy match on Twine across three extended improvisations. As might be expected, the playing is conversational, Leimgruber’s drier breathiness and more measured phrasing contrasting with Parker’s husky grace and mercurial flow. The two plait together sinuous exchanges with a keen ear for balance: as labyrinthine as the duos get, there’s no overplaying or mere showmanship. If anything, a certain sense of caution seeps in, as if the two are holding back a bit. While this CD may not be as gripping as the Sandell duo, it is still well worth the time of anyone interested in Parker’s music.

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