Percorsi Musicali – 2015 resoconto e selezioni

By Ettore Garzia

Chris Potter Underground Orchestra -Imaginary cities-
Peter Brotzmann -Munster Bern-
Hugo Carvalhais -Grand Valis-
Shipp/Perelman -Complementary colors-
David Torn -Only sky-
Ivar Grydeland -Stop freeze wati eat-
Christian Wallumrod -Pianokammer-
Giovanni Guidi -This is the day-
Yaron Herman -Everyday-
Spunk -Adventura botanica-
Monkey Plot -Angaende omstendigheter som ikke lar seg nedtegne-
Mateen/Lenoci/Mongelli -Testing the system-
Hanoi New Music Festival Ensemble -Being together-
Massaria/Schiaffini -Corindilindoli-
Trio Lost Frequency -Found frequency-
Eve Risser -Des pas sur la neige-
Lazro/Duboc/Lasserre -Sens radiants-
VocColours & Eberhard Kranemann -Luxatio-
Thurston Moore -Sonic Street Chicago-
Nicola Guazzaloca -Tecniche Arcaiche: Live at Angelica-
Kudryavtsev/Vincent/Logofet -Free trees-
ACRE -Acre-


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