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Ashcan Rantings


Adam Lane´s Full Throttle Orchestra

Adam Lane (b), Avram Fefer (as), David Bindman (ts), Igal Foni (d), Matt Bauder (ts), Reut Regev (tb), Taylor Ho Bynun (t), Tim Vaughn (tb),

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A little big band (sometimes no more than a large group) with variable geometry, the Full Throttle Orchestra has very wide parameters, in order to achieve the “multi-dimensional sonic qualities” intended by its leader, composer and arranger, the contrabassist Adam Lane. The references, if not imediatly recognizable, are disseminated in every turn and adopted form: Charles Mingus and Duke Ellington, of course (what else could do anyone interested in getting that particular “orchestral effect” of the swing and be bop eras?), but also Iannis Xenakis and Luigi Nono (ant that means structural complexity and harmonic sofistication), Black Sabbath, Motorhead and Melt Banana (you now know from where comes all the energy and roughness). Also the soundtrack to the movie “Forbidden Planet” (feeled in the futuristic and “exotic” atmospheres), crossing boundaries between jazz, contemporary classical, punk, metal, noise and… “music of questionable worth”, as Lane puts it himself with humour. In this new double album, the chosen format is of a brass band, with seven horn players including the finest musicians of the post-free, avant-garde American front line, namelly Nate Wooley, Taylor Ho Bynum, Reut Regev, Tim Vaughn, David Bindman, Avram Fefer and Matt Bauder. The rhythm section of this piano-less group is filled by Adam Lane and drummer Igal Foni, and only these two are sufficient enough to guarantee all the combustion needed to go full blast. If you think everything was already done in the big band domain, prepare yourself: you’re gonna be surprised.



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