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Basement Sessions Vol.1


Kullhammar / Aalberg / Zetterberg

Espen Aalberg (d), Jonas Kullhammar (sax), Torbjörn Zetterberg (b),


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The saxophone trio format (sax + bass + drums) goes back to the Fifties and hard bop. Very specially, to the Sonny Rollins trios with this instrumental configuration. When every tenor sax player is in some way connected to the John Coltrane’s legacy, Jonas Kullhammar main reference is the other protagonist of the “sheets of sound” playing approach. Another big influence we can recognize in the Swedish musician is the one coming from Charles Brackeen, one of the inventors of the Sixties “new thing”. This trio with Torbjorn Zetterberg and Espen Aalberg can seem, in a superficial audition, somewhat old fashioned, but it’s something else what is really in question with this first volume of the “Basement Sessions”: authenticity. This is music coming from a specific tradition and it’s totally committed to it. Zetterberg and Aalberg can walk other paths in their own projects, but here they’re one with Kullhammar in the purpose to take hard bop out of the museum.



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