Ricardo Jacinto cello and electronics (+ harmonium on Cocuruto) | Gonçalo Almeida double bass and electronics | Nuno Morão drums and percussion


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The Selva is a string and percussion trio, with Ricardo Jacinto and Gonçalo Almeida on cello and double bass and Nuno Morão on drums. Formed in 2016, their music explores the intersections between the broad musical spectrum of each of its members, presenting live an improvised, electro-acoustic, multi-idiomatic musical dialogue and strongly influenced by minimal and repetitive strategies. In 2017, 2019 and 2021 they released three albums through Clean Feed and Shhpuma: “The Selva”, “Canicula Rosa” and “Barbatrama”. The latter in collaboration with producer Machinefabriek.
The music, which initially had a strong chamber music component, has over the years received an influence and presence of electronics and electroacoustic devices that further expanded the already strong presence of potentially distant musical idioms, allied to a strong sense of exploration and experience of his musical discourse.
In this new album (mixed by Manuel Pinheiro, musician, music producer and sound designer) the music remains without a defined genre and reaches progressively more focused compositions on repeated motifs and slow textural transformations, new horizons and contours. The electronics and amplification of string instruments, combined with an active post-production that owes much to sonic strategies coming from rock, take “Camarão-Girafa” towards a new level of listening to a line-up that is uncommon in jazz.


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All music by THE SELVA

Recorded by Eduardo Vinhas (assisted by Bernardo Centeno) at Namouche Studios, Lisbon, December 8th, 2021 | Mixed and mastered by Manuel Pinheiro
Produced by OSSO | Executive production by Pedro Costa | Cover painting (“Dead Rat Smiling, 2022”) by Fernão Cruz (photo: Bruno Lopes) | Graphic design by Travassos




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