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Whit Dickey

Joe Morris (b), Rob Brown (as), Roy Campbell Jr. (t), Whit Dickey (d),


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Whit Dickey is a musician that has built his career through coherent and judicious choices. Not only regarding his participations in other musicians projects but also in the way he leads his own projects. Dickey was part of the quartet of the extraordinary saxophonist David S. Ware during 5 years and also of the Matthew Shipp Trio, with whom he still usually plays. However, after 1998 he felt he had to devote more time to the exploration of his own ideas and musical conceptions. After Transonic (Aum Fidelity) and Big Top (Wobbly Rail), both enthusiastically received by the international jazz media, “Coalescence” opens a new chapter in the musical activities of the drummer, acting as a presentation for his new quartet. This new formation reveals itself as the perfect vehicle for the expression of his concept, being Dickey who leads the musical combustion with his creative and possessive drumming. Dickey follows the footsteps of the great jazz drummers that made history leading their own groups, as did charismatic big band drummers Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, or the innovators Max Roach and Art Blakey. For this session, Dickey gathered three of the most interesting musicians on the scene, on what can be considered the most versatile of his formations, built around a traditional line up; saxophone, trumpet, double bass and drums. In this formation, of bop innuendos with a modernist camouflage, two musicians stand out; trumpet player Roy Campbell, whose delicate expressiveness matches an unusual tension and sound amplitude, and saxophonist Rob Brown who, once more, delivers his dynamic phrasing, building fresh and consistent solos, which contrast only his little popularity. Guitar player Joe Morris is the session bass player. After building a remarkable reputation as a guitar player, Morris decided also to dedicate himself to the double bass. Dedicate is the right word and what we hear on this recording is the work of a true bass player. This duality between both worlds allows him a highly original and innovative approach on the new instrument, based on a strong and powerful rhythmic accent. Whit Dickey is the catalyst who unites all the elements, exploring moods and impulses that form the themes and mirror subtle Monk and Ornette influences. “Coalescence” reaffirms once more the extraordinary vitality and dynamic of the jazz being made today.


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