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Don’t Wait for the Revolution



Boštjan Simon (ts), Luis Candeias (d), Stephan Meidell (g),

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Here is a transnational band for a trans-idiomatic music. A Slovenian (Bostjan Simon), a Norwegian (Stephan Meidell) and a Portuguese (Luís Candeias) present on the politically charged “Don’t Wait for the Revolution” a symbiotic project in which rock and electronic music elements are as determining as the ones coming from creative jazz and free improvisation. «The bigger the playing field, the livelier the experience», we read on the liner notes written by Velkro themselves. Ambient situations cross ways with repetitive riffs, abstract textural passages and very loose solo flights, finding links in what seems to be contradictory and impossible to mingle. The results can be noisy or poetic, groovy or dream-like, always keeping alive that precious factor we call surprise. It gets crazy sometimes, and dark, and bittersweet, and simply seductive. This is music of the present days, genre-defying, uncompromised and beautiful. Take it now, don’t wait for the revolution.


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