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Bryan Qu  alto saxophone, objects | Quincy Mayes  piano, objects | Mark Ballyk  percussion, voice, objects

The melting pot we call New York is very much alive, and one proof is this band coming from a new generation of musicians living in the Big Apple. New and with a militant attitude, committed to build what Bryan Qu, Quincy Mayes and Mark Ballyk point as a «progressive future». Following a DIY philosophy, with complete control of the composition, performance, recording and production process of their music, the trio Dystil propose their debut CD as an «imaginary film», with the purpose to turn their dreams into realities. The three musicians never played together before this work, and when they decided to do it the proceedings were radical: they lived together for three months to achieve their musical goals. There was only one rule: to synthesize the different approaches without compromise. You may not yet know any of them, but they are globally active and building platforms in New York, China, Canada, and Europe. The road is open.

All compositions by Dystil

Recorded at Dystillation Studios during June and July 2017 by Dystil | Mixed by Bryan Qu | Additional mixing by Quincy Mayes and Mark Ballyk | Mastered by Dave Darlington
Produced by Dystil | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Design by Travassos | Cover photo by 王亭


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