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Mário Delgado

Alexandre Frazão (d), Andrzej Olejniczak (ts), Carlos Barretto (b), Claus Nymark (tb), Mário Delgado (g),

Mário Delgado is one of the most active guitar players on the Portuguese Jazz scene. His skills, along with the way he expresses his own language, makes him one the most in demand musicians for many musical areas.

He started his studies in the Hot Clube de Portugal jazz school, where he now teaches, and he has been in countless workshops and played with many jazz giants during their staying in our country. This was a very important step to his musical emancipation, and to develop his own identity.
Mário Delgado studied classical guitar for quite sometime, while he worked with Portuguese jazz greats such as David Gausden, Maria João, and Nana Sousa Dias. Thanks to his open-minded way, he worked with the finest names of the Portuguese popular music such as Jorge Palma, Mafalda Veiga, José Mário Branco, Janita Salomé, Lua Extravagante, and Anamar.
Since early 90´s, he works regularly with his Trio, playing mainstream and contemporary jazz standards, along with his own original compositions. This Trio played on many Portuguese and international jazz festivals.
2000, saw the beginning of his most original and demanding project, Filactera, a quintet that plays only original compositions, inspired in the world of comics. The Portuguese jazz critic voted Filactera as the best jazz group for 2001.


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