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FCT Trio meets Carlo Atti

Carlo Atti  tenor sax | Simone Graziano  piano | Gabriele Evangelista  bass | Francesco Cusa  drums

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With the kind of humouristic approach characteristic of all things Italian, drummer Francesco Cusa turned the band he founded to play jazz standards into a project dealing, through his original compositions and orchestrations, with the search of the existing possibilities to «re-evoke an epoch and transpose it into the contemporary». And here are the first consequences, maintaining the «identity process» of the «fervid creative moment in black culture» which was defined 50 years ago by Sun Ra. For this endeavour, he invited Carlo Atti, a tenor saxophonist with an acclaimed career in the mainstream of Italian jazz. The music is less funny, or crazy, than the titles of the pieces suggest (for instance: “Fiscal Regime in the Life of a New York Taxidriver-Jazzman” or “Keynes and the Macro-Theory of the Structural Implosion of the Standard”), but the FCT Trio and their guest manage to surprise us, subverting the most obvious aspects of the standard jazz format (or the fake of it, because there’s no “real book” on sight). There’s an overall idea that music can change what nowadays is politically, socially and economically wrong, backing off to more happy days, but if the concept is debatable, because of the nostalgic element and because it gives to much responsability to the art of sounds, the result is a marvelous record. In this case only, the means amply justify the purposes.

All compositions by FCT trio, orchestrated by Francesco Cusa

All compositions by FCT trio, orchestrated by Francesco Cusa | Recorded mixed and mastered the 23th november 2016 at “Studio Ermes” in Vignola (MO) | Audio Engineer Marco Ferri
Produced by Francesco Cusa | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Design by Travassos


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