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Human Encore


Trespass Trio + Joe McPhee

Joe McPhee (picc t), Martin Küchen (as/bs), Per Zanussi (b), Raymond Strid (d),

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A dog barks during a trumpet solo and a car alarm ends a piece: this is reality music, music coming from everyday life. It couldn’t be any other way, considering that the people involved are the most political and social motivated musicians of our times, namely Martin Kuchen, the Trespass Trio mentor and soul, and Joe McPhee, a veteran of the Black Consciousness struggles through sound since the years of “Freedom and Unity”, with Clifford Thornton, and “Nation Time”. “Human Encore”, the result of a live collaboration between the Swedish band and the American legendary saxophonist and trumpeter which took place during three days in the Portuguese city of Coimbra, configures all the existing motivations: the music is indeed “transgressive”. There’s emotions here, pain, fury and joy in mixed terms. In a time when some try to empty musical expression from feelings and states of mind, this is really an infringement, going against the stream. This is jazz like it used to be 40 years ago, full of heat and purpose, but with the concepts, vocabulary and techniques of today. It tells us about the “fires” going on («more and more of them», says Kuchen), in Palestine, in Europe and all the places where mankind shows that we never learn…



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