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Henrik Pultz Melbye  tenorsax | Ole Mofjell  drums

The drum and sax duo, Heaven, is the collaborative project of Danish saxophonist Henrik Pultz Melbye and Norwegian drummer Ole Mofjell. Heaven’s fast, highly energetic performances, combine influence from old and new-school free jazz, as the foundation for their innovative sound. Inspired by European improvisation, 60’s New York-loft-avant-garde and Ethiopian jazz, Heaven fearlessly ventures between rhythmic and melodic realms, to stretches of noise and non-idiomatic sounds.

Committed to discovery, Pultz Melbye and Mofjell reimagine the possibilities of the iconic drum/sax pairing, while acknowledging the legends of the past.

On September 21st the duo will release their debut album “IAPOE” on Clean Feed Records.

Norwegian drummer, Ole Mofjell is known for his fast paced, dynamic playing and has performed with an international roster of musicians including Laura Toxværd, Thurston Moore and Tobias Delius. He is a sought after drummer playing in all kinds of different settings including the successful singer Natalie Sandtorv’s band.

Danish saxophonist Henrik Pultz Melbye has toured Europe extensively, with his avant- garde-rock band SVIN, and with his experimental solo projects. Henrik’s approach to his instruments is one of constant exploration, unfolding an agile, curious, and unique sonic language. His record releases reflect a diverse approach to composition and performance, and an insatiable desire to articulate his voice across genres.

All music by Henrik Pultz Melbye and Ole Mofjell

Recorded in Vanløse, September 2017 | Record engineer and mix: Bjørn Gjessing | Master: Teis Frandsen
Prodution: Henrik Pultz Melbye and Ole Mofjell | Executive Prodution: Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Artwork: Mathias Kjeldsen / Travassos


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