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Live at Zaal 100


Twenty One 4tet

Luis Vicente  trumpet | John Dikeman  tenor saxophone | Wilbert De Joode  double bass | Onno Govaert  drums

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Few jazzmen from Portugal have the opportunity to play with foreign musicians like Portuguese trumpeter Luís Vicente. After collaborations with the brothers Théo and Valentin Ceccaldi, Johannes Bauer, Jorrit Dijkstra, Akira Sakata, Giovanni di Domenico, Jasper Stadhouders, Roberto Negro and Mette Rasmussen, among others, in “Live at Zaal 100” we find him in the company of the Amsterdam-based stars John Dikeman, Wilbert De Joode and Onno Govaert. The music goes full throttle in the grey area between free improvisation and free bop, exposing the inventiveness and the technical skills of the players involved. Vicente is a heir of Don Cherry’s warm and round sound, with a twist of subtlety unexpectedly coming from Kenny Wheeler – like both of them, he has arguments and use them in a flowing, natural way. Dikeman is always pushing the limits of the tenor saxophone as far as it goes, going from one extreme (over-blowing, dense multiphonics) to the other (using breath, spit and extended procedures like slap-tonguing) to the other, either evoking Albert Ayler or the reductionist tendency. De Joode is here at his best, showing why he is considered one of the most important contrabassists in the world, keeping his style unique, fresh and wonderfully creative. Govaert is a show by himself using the drumsticks, responsible in great part for the combustion provided to the music and a kind of more direct and loose Jim Black. Saying it more clearly: this is hot, boiling, mind-blowing stuff.

All music by Luis Vicente, John Dikeman, Wilbert De Joode and Onno Govaert

Recorded during a live performance at zaal 100 in Amsterdam on 27-09-2015, by Mark Nieuwenhuis
Produced by Luis Vicente, John Dikeman, Wilbert De Joode and Onno Govaert | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Photo by Mark Nieuwenhuis


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  1. Madalena Borges

  2. Madalena Borges

    Gapplegate Music Review – Twenty One 4Tet – Live at Zaal 100

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