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Live in Ljubljana


Adam Lane´s Full Throttle Orchestra

Adam Lane (b), Avram Fefer (as), David Bindman (sax), Igal Foni (d), Matt Bauder(bs), Nate Wooley (t), Reut Regev (tb), Susana Santos Silva (t),

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Adam Lane is back to the big band format he loves so much, with an ensemble (Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva is one of the contributors) large enough «to allow for a dense, multi-dimensional sound palette», but small enough «for successful group improvisation». The scores and the arrangements are at times complex and dense, while at others, soaked in a steamrolling groove. Lane incorporates organizational strategies that he learned from the new music composer Earle Brown, but never strays too far from the flowing logic of the jazz tradition. As usual he integrates a myriad of influences into his sound including nods to Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Muhal Richard Abrams, but also Luigi Nono, and Parliament/Funkadelic. And, surprise, surprise, there are even some key rhythmic elements taken from the Balinese and Javanese gamelan tradition, and not for exotic effect. As Adam Lane himself puts it: «It’s all about the groove.» Yes, this is highly intelligent music to tap your foot to: soulful mind candy with a groove!




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