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Ninth Square


Evan Parker | Joe Morris | Nate Wooley

Evan Parker soprano, tenor saxofone | Joe Morris guitar | Nate Wooley trumpet

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There are two currents of thought concerning the relationship between jazz and free improvisation – one includes the second in the domain of the first and the other arguments that improvised music is now an independent field, generally with no idiomatic jazz ties. This super trio with Evan Parker, Joe Morris and Nate Wooley seems to fit in the first thesis. Parker was one of the pioneers of the European freely Improvised scene, but his connections with free jazz were never lost and the influence of someone like John Coltrane in his sax playing became more and more evident along the years. Morris is usually pointed as the only frontline guitarist free jazz have since Sonny Sharrock, but truth is he developed some fully improvised music, detaching himself from one of the characteristics of the jazz idiom, the mix of improvisation and written composition. Trumpeter Wooley plays straight-ahead jazz, improvises with no structures previously established and is a notorious figure of the experimental circuit. Together, they offer us what they have in common: exploratory improvisation with a jazz format. And they do it masterly.

All Music by Evan Parker (PRS/MCPS/PAMRA), Joe Morris (Riti publishing, ASCAP) and Nate Wooley (Fourwordseamusic, BMI)

Recorded live in concert at Firehouse 12 New Haven, Connecticut. September 19, 2014 | Engineered, mixed and mastered by Nick Lloyd
Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Produced by Joe Morris | Design by Travassos

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