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Pillow Circles


Jorrit Dijkstra

Jorrit Dijkstra alto saxophone, lyricon,analog synth, crackle box / Tony Malaby tenor and soprano saxophone / Jeb Bishop trombone / Oene van Geel viola / Paul Pallesen guitar, banjo / Raphael Vanoli guitar / Jason Roebke bass, crackle box / Frank Rosaly drums, percussion, crackle box

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Lingering melodies, dreamy abstractions, and clever instrumentations characterize the music of Jorrit Dijkstra. In his new suite of compositions “Pillow Circles”, he matches four American musicians from the New York and the Chicago scenes, Tony Malaby, Jeb Bishop, Jason Roebke, and Frank Rosaly, with fellow Dutchmen Oene van Geel, Paul Pallesen, and Raphael Vanoli, to create a mesmerizing sound world full of extremes in texture and dynamics. On this CD, free jazz meets experimental rock and electronica, with tributes to improvisers George Lewis and Fred Frith, Dutch electronic musician Michel Waisvisz, obscure 1950’s alto player Ernie Henry, and (don’t be surprised) Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood. The electric guitar plays a prominent role (there are two in action), as well as the sound of some 1970s analog electronics like the Lyricon (a wind synthesizer), and the Crackle Box (Waisvisz’ lo-fi invention). And there’s the stratospheric blowing section, with saxophones and trombone – you can’t miss this rare and astonishing encounter between Dijkstra, Malaby, and Bishop. Undoubtedly, a must have, must listen.



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