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Nicolas Snyder

Nicolas Snyder electronics, field recordings, composition

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The most unanimously accepted definition of music is the one presenting it as “organized sound”. In a
literal and unique way, that’s precisely what Nicolas Snyder offers us in his debut album, “Temporary
Places”. These are meticulously stitched together compositions constructed from field recordings made
in several geographic locations, blended with various studio materials, like manipulated clay pots, organ
flutes, branches, creaky chairs, chimes and bells. With a strong cinematic feeling, this new album is in
Snyder’s words “a musical conjuring of impressionistic landscapes that serve as an antidote to the loss
of mobility, both mentally and physically”. Though it’s musical application is serendipitously ideal for the
current quarantine period resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, it was originally composed with his
incarcerated father in mind and for anyone imprisoned “by the stresses of contemporary human
constructs”. These are Temporary Places indeed, moving and evolving, but all the while holding space
for personal exploration and contemplation. Just beautiful.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nicolas Snyder
Produced by Nicolas Snyder | Executive production by Travassos for Trem Azul | Original Painting by Ferdinand Hodler | Design by Travassos


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