Felipe Zenicola electric bass | Yedo Gibson saxophones | João Valinho drums


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MOVE has an urgency for movement. Where change is not only inevitable, it is burningly wished for. Willed into existence. From a sense of interconnectivity sprouts a direct, decisive and ready-made improvisation. Relentless as the rainforest, fertile as alluvium, blossoming ideas from doubt.
MOVE is the concept and music of bassist Felipe Zenícola (Chinese Cookie Poets, New Brazilian Funk), saxophonist Yedo Gibson (Eke, Naked Wolf) and drummer João Valinho (Rodrigo Amado Refraction Quartet, Fashion Eternal).
The three musicians connect through an unwavering awareness of each other’s creation, where activity and adaptability are strived for, where communication and respect are paramount – where everything is possible and the impossible is desired.
With a legacy of intense collaborations between its members, MOVE was born in 2022, between Sintra and Lisbon, through the will of creating a project that would gather their shared ideas, striving to offer a pertinent contribution to the creative music panorama. Characterized by perceptive and incisive construction, MOVE’s music knows no stylistic limits, searching an unique dynamic that explores the limits of interplay and communication.

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Recorded by Felipe Zenicola at Desterro Club on 03.06.22 | Mixed and Mastered by Felipe Zenicola
Produced by MOVE | Executive production by Pedro Costa from Trem Azul | Cover photos and Layout by João Valinho

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