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The Line


Luís Lopes Lisbon Berlin Trio

Christian Lillinger (d), Luís Lopes (g), Robert Landfermann (b),

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Usually, free improvisation and conceptualism don’t mix. To improvise is to be intuitive and spontaneous, living little space to intelllectualized constructions. In the case of the second album by the Luís Lopes Lisbon-Berlin Trio (Robert Landfermann and Christian Lillinger representing the German side) there’s a rare mix of the two approaches. “The Line” derives from the notion of time like a broken line of events, considering all the last scientific considerations that past, present and future doesn’t really exist. The music here happens as an interrupted sequence, with no beginning or end, as if this CD is a little fragment of eternity. In the middle ground from free improv and noise (yes, noise: Lopes’ guitar feedbacks and distortions make us recall Masayuki Takanayagi), other sub-themes appear: the mysterious supra-human entity in “Vertigo”, the serpent-city (Lisbon) of “Mother Snake”, the nightmares of “Dark Suite” and the demons and witches of “Schwarzwald”. Impressive.



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