Alberto Conde Iberian Roots Trío
Alberto Conde  piano | Carlos Barretto  double bass | Alexandre Frazão  drums | Guest artist on Embalo para Bernardo José Valente  viola


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By this time, the usual listeners of the Clean Feed catalogue are familiar with the name of the late Portuguese pianist and composer Bernardo Sassetti – the Lisbon-based label released five records with his name. Among those listeners, many musicians from other countries admire his exquisite and very personal writing and his astonishing work with the black and white keyboard. One of them is the Spanish (from Galicia) piano player Alberto Conde, who felt the need to pay tribute to his pair from the other side of the Iberian frontier. With the support of the two other members of the Bernardo Sassetti Trio, Carlos Barretto and Alexandre Frazão, here is the result – a collection of interpretations of trademark pieces by Sassetti himself, “O Sonho dos Outros”, “Reflexos” and “Noite – Alice”, one from the contemporary music composer Federico Mompou usually included by Sassetti in his concert repertoire (“Musica Callada”) and scores by Conde, Pablo Beltrán and José Valente (also playing his viola in “Embalo para Bernardo”) composed under the influence of the artist who left us in 2012. Alberto Conde doesn’t try to sound like Bernardo Sassetti – he questions himself in reference to the other pianist, crossing several planes of ideas, like we hear in “Monkssetti”, an investigation of the ascendancy of Thelonious Monk in both of their improvisational approaches. The music is emotional, vibrant, poetic, reflecting the best Conde has to offer and the best Sassetti gave us in life.

Recorded on November 27 and 28 at Namouche Studios in Lisbon by Joaquim Monte | Sound assistants Jérôme Durand and Margarida Adão | Mixed by José Trincado – Triki and Alberto Conde at Savik Sound Studios in Ponte Caldelas – Pontevedra | Mastering by José Trincado – Triki | Photography by Alexandre Cortez
Produced by Alberto Conde for Cleen Feed Records | Executive Prodution by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul

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