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Samo Salamon, Tony Malaby & Roberto Dani

Tony Malaby  tenor & soprano saxophone | Samo Šalamon  guitar | Roberto  Dani drums

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A former student of John Scofield, Samo Salamon was named by the magazine Guitar Player as one of 10 most interesting guitarists of the moment, with All About Jazz stating that this Slovenian is «one of the most talented and interesting to emerge on today’s jazz scene», putting him at the same level of Kurt Rosenwinkel and Ben Monder. The Penguin Jazz Guide choose his debut record “Ornethology”, from 2003, as one of the 1001 Best Albums in the history of jazz, and Salamon’s partnerships with such different musicians as David Binney, Sabir Mateen, Dominique Pifarely and Mark Helias say much about his importance on the world circuits. “Travelling Moving Breathing” is a new opus of his Bassless Trio, a project in constant change of contributors, after previous recordings with Tim Berne and Tom Rainey or with Julian Arguelles and John Hollenbeck and only the Italian drummer Roberto Dani staying from line-ups with Paul McCandless, Michel Godard, Achille Succi and others. Now the third wheel of this band’s dynamics is the American saxophonist Tony Malaby, culminating a good number of adventures together with the Eastern European who possesses «a monstruous technique and an intense desire to navigate multiple jazz related genres» (critic Glenn Astarita dixit) dating from 2004 and from the Samo Salamon Quartet. Salamon couldn’t have better company in Malaby and in Dani (him who already had the best with him) in his commitment to play a improvisationally-driven music capable to keep us on our toes from the first to the last minute.

All compositions by Samo Salamon except for #3 by Salamon/Malaby/Dani

Recorded in Ravne na Koroškem in April 2017 by Domen Hudrap | Mixed and mastered by Samo Salamon
Produced by Samo Salamon | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Design by Travassos | Photos by Nika Hölcl – Fotobeležnica


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