Medusa Unit
Ricardo Jacinto cello and electronics | Álvaro Rosso double bass | André Hencleeday prepared piano | Eleonor Picas harp | João Almeida trumpet and electronics | Yaw Tembe trumpet and electronics | Nuno Morão percussion


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MEDUSA Unit is an ensemble created by the prolific Ricardo Jacinto, a multidisciplinary artist working as a sound artist and cellist focusing on the relation between sound and space.
The ensemble expands the original ideas of his solo project (for cello, electronics and resonant objects) that Ricardo Jacinto has been presenting since 2014. This project included the development of an electroacoustic device that, using an amplification system with microphones placed on different points of the cello and a diffusion system with several contact speakers connected to resonant objects.
Recorded live,”Umbra, Penumbra & Antumbra” presents itself as a continuation of the initial premises of the solo project but now also focused on the possibilities of hybridization of various acoustic instruments through an electroacoustic system of resonant interaction, where signal interferences and feedback networks are the basis for a sound that seeks to interpret the specific characteristics of the concert spaces, resulting in a strongly textural music, with roots in minimalism andspectralism.
The outcome is huge, the music is very dynamic, sonically rich and special. Undoubtedly an important step in Jacinto´s career.

Composition and direction by Ricardo Jacinto

Recorded live by Suse Ribeiro and Nelson Carvalho at CCC (Centro Cultural e de Congressos), Caldas da Rainha on the 18th December 2021 | Mixed and mastered by Suse Ribeiro
Produced by OSSO | Executive production by Travassos for Trem Azul | Cover photo by António Júlio Duarte | Ensemble photo by Nuno Conceição | CD image from “Stand with Gorgoneion” signed by Ergotimos as potter and Kleitias as painter. Greek (Attic), Archaic, black- figure, ca. 570 b.c. Terracotta / H. 5.7 cm, Diam. 9 cm. Fletcher Fund, 1931 | Design by Travassos

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