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Hamar Trio

Klaus Ellerhusen Holm  clarinet alto saxophone | Hernâni Faustino  double bass | Nuno Morão  drums percussion

Here is an example of a specially well succeeded co-operation between a notorious representative of the Norwegian scene (Klaus Ellerhusen Holm) and two of the Portuguese one (Hernâni Faustino and Nuno Morão), combining the recordings of live presentations in a couple of spaces dedicated to creative music in Portugal, Salão Brazil (Coimbra) and SMUP (Parede). If you’re a Clean Feed fan you already listened other titles documented in both venues, by the likes of Steve Lehman, Ken Vandermark’s and Adam Lane’s Four Corners, Fredrik Nordstrom Quintet, Daniel Levin Quartet, Zanussi 5, Angles, Harris Heisenstadt’s Canada Day and others. “Yesterday is Here” has the same relevance, and it equals what you know of Holm from the bands Honest John, Ballrogg and Abaft the Beam, of Faustino from Red Trio and of Morão from The Selva: music committed to «celebrate the moment», to paraphrase Derek Bailey, only answering to the appeal of spontaneity and intuition, in a very natural and even organic way. The framing is in jazz and experimentation, meaning that everything else that may happen disregard labels and any sort of categorization. A party for your ears, in short.

All music by Klaus Ellerhusen Holm, Hernâni Faustino and Nuno Morão

Recorded November 2016 at Salão Brazil, Coimbra by José Martins and at SMUP, Parede by John Klima | Mixed and mastered by Nuno Morão at ScratchBuilt
Produced by Hamar Trio | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Design by Travassos | Cover photo by Magdalene Norman | Band photo by João Duarte


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