Stuart Broomer’s (All About Jazz–New York, Point of Departure) Best of 2010 List

New Releases

1. Parker/Guy/Lytton + Peter Evans: Scenes in the House of Music (Clean Feed)
2. Mary Halvorson: Saturn Sings (Firehouse 12)
3. AMM & John Butcher: Sounding Music (Matchless)
4. Derek Bailey: More 74 (Incus)

5. Peter Evans: Live in Lisbon (Clean Feed)
6. Anthony Braxton: GTM (Outpost) 2003 (Leo)
7. Ross Bolleter: Night Kitchen (2002-2009) (Emanem)
8. Marc Ribot: Silent Movies (Pi)
9. John Russell: Hyste (Psi)
10. Jon Irabagon: Foxy (Hot Cup)

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