Temporary Fault review by Massimo Ricci

cf-128Angelica Sanchez – Life Between (CF 128 )
Life Between marks my very first meeting with the music of Angelica Sanchez, a pianist (doubling on Wurlitzer), composer and the consort of saxophonist Tony Malaby, the latter’s tasteful approach to a clever type of erudite interplay also featured here. The quintet is completed by guitarist Marc Ducret, double bassist Drew Gress and drummer Tom Rainey. Sanchez’s writing tends to harmonic indeterminacy, permanent tonal centres practically absent or extremely blurred. Her itineraries on the keyboard, at all times informed by a sense of moderation that prevents the essential idea from going off course, are by some means redolent of certain moods of improvised jazz-rock of the 70’s (I’m especially thinking of an album called Jaco on the IAI label, a free quartet with then-puppies Pastorius and Pat Metheny aided by Bruce Ditmas and Paul Bley). Despite several touches of apparent contrapuntal turmoil themes are indubitably present, often stubbornly affirmed in between series of hardly committable-to-memory transitions, but the overall wisdom is explicated through self-directed restraint by the partakers, regardless of Ducret’s attempts to spice the whole with a few intrusions whose discordantly unkind temperament sounds perfectly complementary to the complex cuteness of the leader’s tunes. Gress and Rainey are evidently at ease in the generally not-too-nervous vibe, repeatedly taking centre stage almost unobserved to deliver the playing from any residue of schematic pachyderm-ism. To all intents and purposes, this is a well-designed record which definitely elicits gratification, although not really an innovative statement. But that’s not always a must.

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