The Free Jazz Collective Best Of 2019 By Nick Metzger

By Nick Metzger

My Top 10 are listed below in no particular order. I didn’t include any reissues or archive recordings, although this has been a year of many terrific instances of such. I’ve also found my subscription to Kevin Drumm’s Bandcamp page to be worth more than the price of admission (which is almost nothing, all things considered) much to the detriment of my reviewing responsibilities.

Christian Lillinger’s Open Form For Society (Plaist)
Ben Stapp & Joe Morris featuring Stephen Haynes – Mind Creature Sound Dasein (Fundacja Słuchaj)
Rose/Noble – North Sea Night (Not Two)
O Carro De Fogo De Sei Miguel (Clean Feed)
Mark Morgan – Department of Heraldry (Open Mouth)
Denzler/Grip/Johansson – Zyklus 1 (SAJ Records)
Parker/Guy/Lytton – Concert in Vilnius (No Business)
William Parker’s In Order to Survive – Live/Shapeshifter (AUM Fidelity)
Microtub – Chronic Shift (Bohemian Drips)
Flin van Hemmen – Casting Spells & The Coves (Neither/Nor)



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