The Wire review by Andy Hamilton

Martin Speicher/Georg Wolf/Lou Grassi – “Shapes and Shadows” CF084
The sleevenotes cite Ornette Coleman‘s trio with Izenzon and Moffett as a model for Martin Speicher on alto sax and clarinet, Georg Wolf on bass and Lou Grassi on drums. But Speicher is also, unusually, a saxophonist influenced by Anthony Braxton‘s sound, in contrast to his compostional concepts. The seeming hesitancy, tone-coarsening and multiphonics are uncannilly familiar, but Speicher‘s playing is fuller toned and less detached from the pulse or groove. The close of the title track, with its desperate lowing on clarinet, shows how powerful it can be. Clean Feed have high standards and this is the pick of their recent releases. (Andy Hamilton)

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