The Wire review by David Keenan

Alvin Fielder Trio – A Measure of Vision (CF 071)

A ruminative, elegiac atmosphere dominates much of this disc, somewhat unbelievably drummer Alvin Fielder’s debut release as a leader.  Fielder has roots that run deep, being a founding member of the AACM as well as playing on key sides by players like Roscoe Mitchell, Frank Lowe and Kidd Jordan.  Here he references his earlier work by including a reading of Jordan’s ”Time No Time” while focusing his gaze further up the road by gathering around him a fairly young outfit, with the core of pianist Chris parker and trumpeter Dennis Gonzalez further augmented by Aaron Gonzalez on acoustic bass and Stefan Gonzalez on drums and vibes.  Dennis makes a particularly good showing, with his dramatic, declamatory style working as a black foil to the keening piano style of parker.  Fielder plays with a buoyant, propulsive feel that send benign waves of time surging beneath the melodies, and there is some imaginative writing to back it up.

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