Touching Extremes review by Massimo Ricci

JOE FIEDLER TRIO – The crab (CF 093)
A trombone, bass and drum trio that moves around coordinates of atonality and funk, featuring the leader plus the exciting rhythm section of John Hebert and Michael Sarin. Shaped by a 20-year studying period with Albert Mangelsdorff (whose music he had been tackling in a previous Clean Feed CD)  Fiedler nevertheless propels his playing via large quantities of spicy angularity over the course of nine tracks. Modulating the compositions through harmonic progressions that sound all but not prefigured, the trombonist demonstrates himself to be a keen-scented researcher of the negation of predictability, managing to jump here and there according to intervals that probably look like graphic symbols of bungee-jumping on paper. Fiedler’s instrumental voice avoids magniloquence in favour of a lean and mean tone, which lies upon odd metres and tangential bass riffs with the same sweated sweetness of a satisfied lover after hours of funny games. Hebert shows technical prowess, not only via ever-involving solo spots but acting as an equable timbral counterpart to the leader’s fantasy. Sarin possesses tremendous sensitiveness and a quizzical capability of swinging for the fences when necessary, revealing his wrists’ elasticity in repeated occasions, all the good intentions of keeping the things straight ending in a dirty alley where the chief uses his friends’ comprehension to throw bumblebee-like lines up to the sky. They seem to go everywhere, as a hundred doves would do once set free.

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