Touching Extremes review by Massimo Ricci


Carlos Zingaro / Dominique Regef / Wilbert De Joode – Spectrum (CF 110)
Exanthemas and regurgitations, running away and running on empty to stand still at last, unremitting whirlwinds and reasonably calm drones. A game of paradoxical hypotheses is played without repentance by this special trio, recorded at the Spectrum Festival (Porto, 2004) in three lengthy improvisations that challenge any kind of cataloguing. Zingaro’s violin coils excavate and exasperate, hinting to the limits of a non-existent tonality only to let us visualize how tiresome the playing might be if that restriction had to be complied with. Implacably anarchic, the man’s systematic disfigurement of phrasing emphasizes the photoelectric temperament of the music, which seems to change whatever one tries to focus the attention on, almost responding at the smallest movement of the body. Daring disagreements come from Regef’s hurdy-gurdy, as he tries to set things on a vaguely more controllable level through periodic stases and erudite manipulations of a singular instrument, which in his hands can sting and cuddle while still entertaining hopes of minimalist acceptance. Atypical qualities keep coming into view also when bassist De Joode enters the picture, a firm clutch on the low-frequency register evidently unarguable, the arco as a propeller of collected forces finally finding a meeting point to recharge batteries and start yet another crucial trip to random destinations. Reciprocal respect – these guys do listen to each other, and it shows – and the ideal proportionality between the sonic details make of “Spectrum” an album to get pleasure from time and again.

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