Tuba Journal review by Kelly Thomas

TGB – Evil Things (CF 181)
Evil Things, the new album by TGB has once again released an album that will turn the tuba/euphonium community on their ear. The players for this project are the same as the first album: Sérgio Carolino, Mário Delgado, and Alexandre Frazão. The instrumentation is tuba, guitars (also dobro) and drums. One of the top guitarists of the Portuguese music scene, Delgado is an assumed heir of the Jimi Hendrix legacy. Also one of the master drummers in Portugal, Brazilian percussionist Frazão established his name in various musical idioms, from world music to drum‘n’bass. This album has taken several other popular songs and adapted them to this unique ensemble. Music from Black Sabbath (“Planet Caravan”), Deep Purple (“The Mule”), and Bill Evans (“Interplay”) are on this album. The recording varies from their first album in that the music is a little more unexpected and requires deep listening. Similar to the first recording is that the playing is of the highest quality. Every time I hear Sérgio Carolino play, I am reminded of not only of his obvious mastery of the tuba but also his mastery of so many varied musical styles. He is a true elite musician who happens to play thetuba.!

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