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Space Quartet is a initiative of Portuguese artist Rafael Toral (modular feedback circuit, modified MS2 Feedback and MT10) who invited Hugo Antunes (double bass), João Pais Filipe (drums, percussion) and Ricardo Webbens (modular & network synthesizer) for his newest project. A bit on the participators. Joăo Pais Filipe from Porto is a self-educated drummer and percussionist. In the past he worked with Fritz Hauser, Evan Parker, Burkhard Stangl and many others. Ricardo Webbens from Lisbon is a multidisciplinary artist who started from visual arts and moved towards music as well. Also from Portugal, Hugo Antunes mainly works in Brussels where he lives nowadays. He worked with Scott Fields, Paul Lovens, Tobias Delius, a.o. Although this is new project by Toral, it is also in continuity with his past work. Toral is deeply influenced by music and ideas of John Cage. He shared this fascination with trumpeter Sei Miguel who became a long time partner. This inspired Toral in his search for combining electronics and jazz that is reflected in his ‘Space Program’. The last 13 years Toral worked on this Space Program series. For Space Quartet Toral integrated the leading principles of this research. He works with a normal rhythm section of drum and bass. So far this sounds traditional, but with two more musicians playing electronic instruments, we have a very unusual configuration. Both Toral and Webbens play a leading role in the improvisations. Their electronic patterns play with melodic elements, sometimes evoking birdcalls and many other sounds and textures. Their instruments and their playing are very flexible and go well with the patterns that come from the acoustic drums and bass. It is all impressive how Toral consequently continues on his path (DM).


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