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The Fictive Five

Larry Ochs  tenor and sopranino saxophones | Nate Wooley  trumpet | Ken Filiano  bass and effects | Pascal Niggenkemper  bass and effects | Harris Eisenstadt  drums

Larry Ochs quintet with trumpeter Nate Wooley, bassists Ken Filiano and Pascal Niggenkemper and drummer Harris Eisenstadt started with an intriguing ambition: to create soundscapes (landscapes with sound, or what the acousmatic French composers call “cinema pour l’oreille” – cinema for the ear in English) with the language of jazz and the procedures of improvisation. To fulfill this concept, Ochs sought inspiration from visual artists and film directors like William Kentridge and Wim Wenders. Or, the reverse: upon realization of the soundscspe, he dedicated the work to a film-maker; essentially invititing the invitee  (and all listeners) to create imagery for the now-existing soundscape. At their second opus, “Anything is Possible”, the connection with specific personalities and their works is more loose, but it continues. One piece is dedicated to Spike Lee and another to Warren Sonbert, but in the middle there’s a tribute to Cecil Taylor, in a gesture saying much about the recognition of the inner imagetic qualities of music itself, personified by a master in that domain. The presence of two double basses keeps the center of gravity of the music lower than in a common jazz combo, with crispy drumming on the bottom and, on the top, two horns contrasting harsh (Ochs tenor saxophone) and crystalline (Wooley) sounds, either when playing unisons or getting argumentative. If you know Larry Ochs from his work with the Rova saxophone quartet you’ll recognize the same type of structures and narrative strategies, but it will be different. Here, the ignition of your imaginative skills is intended.

Tracks 1,2 and 4 composed by Larry Ochs (Trobar / ASCAP / admin by BMG) | Tracks 3 and 5 composed by Ochs, Wooley, Filiano, Niggenkemper, Eisenstadt

Recorded by James Dellatacoma on May 29, 2018, at Orange Music Sound Studios, West Orange, New Jersey | Mixing by J. Goody at Megasonic Sound, Oakland, California | Mastering by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Lab, Oakland
Produced by Larry Ochs | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Band Photo: Gulbenkian Música/Petra Cvelbar | Cover Art: Lyn Hejinian or Emilie Clarke | Design by Travassos


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