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Cette Opacité


Jean-Marc Foltz / Bruno Chevillon

Jean-Marc Foltz clarinet, bassclarinet / Bruno Chevillon double bass

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When, at Jazz à Mulhouse 2004, in Alsace, at the end of August, at another of his memorable festivals, Bruno Chevillon gave me a CD-R with a recording of his duo with Jean Marc Folz at the Jazz D’Or festival in Strasbourg in 2003, where the pairing made its debut, under the directorship of Philippe Ochen, I immediately felt that this dialogue between such credible musicians was a taste of new things to come. After hearing the recording, with its surprising technical quality, preserving the whole truth of this musical event, I had no hesitation in programming them for Jazz em Agosto 2005 at the Gulbenkian Foundation, and I also raised the possibility of releasing the recording with the producer Pedro Costa, mentor of the respected Clean Feed label. With a reputation built up through word of mouth, the precious music of Foltz and Chevillon has finally stepped out into the daylight, on disc and in concert, in one of the best loved formations of contemporary jazz: interaction à deux, only possible with exceptional musicians. Folz and Chevillon, who played together in the quintet of the pianist Stephen Oliva, are also prime challengers for supremacy in their respective instruments, clarinets and bass, woodwind and strings, a field where Europe, and France in particular, can boast the finest exponents. Cette Opacité, the title chosen for the disc, subtle in its meaning, will also reveal the deep and artless affinity between the two musicians, a great gift to be shared. Rui Neves Jazz em Agosto Direcção Artística The attraction between the opposites and their same Simultaneously organized and spontaneous, seemingly written-but-not-read, this music is the best that comes from the relationship between ear, mouth, and hand. Their music produces an effect like an amazing improvising counterpoint (the attraction between the opposites and their same!); indeed, the ear takes in and restores; but, above all, it anticipates. Their interwoven voices are in the heritage: they do not restore the steps of past, but build something prodigious with remembrance. Jazz, not jazz. Yes and No. Sweet ellipsis. Fotlz, the newly arrived, if we can call him that, skilled at commanding his rich and complex sound, finds with the experienced Chevillon an unexpected alter-ego. Neither opposites nor the same, they both leave a lasting impression on pertinent jazz, and, in general, on sage and free music of the 21st century. They take over this ambitious reality and drive it even further. As we approach the 20th edition of our festival, we are proud of having participated in the realisation of this project.

Philippe Ochem Director of Jazzdor/ Jazz Festival of Strasbourg



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