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Oli Steidle & the Killing Popes

Oli Steidle  drums | Frank Möbus  guitar | Dan Nicholls  keyboards | Kit Downes  keyboards | Phil Donkin  bass
Guests: Andreas Schaerer  vocals (7) | Philipp Gropper  saxophone (2,4) | Petter Eldh  bass (8) | Kalle Kalima  guitar (8) Additional backing vocals by Louise Boer and Liv Nicholls

Available on CD

The fact that Frank Mobus (leader of the band Roter Bereich and part of Carlos Bicaís Azul) is a member of The Killing Popes, and that this group founded by drummer Oli Steidle has Kalle Kalima, Petter Eldh and Andreas Schaerer, among others, as guests on ìEgo Pillsî is very enlightening about some of the musical choices theyíre doing in other projects. Why? Well, because they seem to take inspiration from the wild mix of electro-jazz, art rock, hardcore and club music youíll find in these compositions. If you already suspected that they have a punk side (and a rave one, by the way), here is the definitive confirmation. The punk and party factors here are electronic, with two keyboardists two, Dan Nicholls and Kit Downes, and the resulting music is so intelligently funny, bright and light that they put pop acts like Daft Punk to shame, going from beautiful moments to chaos and back. If you had any doubts about the capacity of the present-day jazz musicians to renew their imaginations and creativity, this record will change your mind. Oli Steidle, a box of surprises.

All Music written by Oli Steidle & Petter Eldh, except “Strange Condition“ written by Oli Steidle – Additional material by Dan Nicholls – “Speed Junky on funny human Darts“ text by Oli Steidle

Recorded by Benjamin Spitzmueller 18/22 September 2017 in Berlin
Produced and mixed by Dan Nicholls | Additional mixing by Chris Hamilton | Mastered by Peter Beckmann at TechnologyWorks | Executive production by Travassos for Trem Azul | Photo by Manon Kahle | Cover picture with permission oh Historisches Museum Hannover | Design by Travassos

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